Firm History

In 1995 the law firm of Spector & Sweeney was formed specializing in the representation of multi-employer labor-management employee benefit funds as it pertained to issues dealing with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), including delinquency collections, subrogation and fiduciary compliance, as well as representing labor organizations. Shortly thereafter, Gary S. Wolfe joined the firm to create Spector, Sweeney & Wolfe, LLC expanding the firm’s legal representation into the areas of personal injury and workers’ compensation litigation. In January 2007, the labor law firms of Spector & Wolfe, LLC and The McLaughlin Law Firm, LLC merged their respective practices to establish Spector, Wolfe & McLaughlin, LLC, and in so doing expanded its representation of labor organizations into the area of public sector employees, government and political subdivisions. Tim O’Mara and The O’Mara Law Firm, LLC merged with Spector, Wolfe & McLaughlin, LLC in March of 2014 expanding upon the firm’s already existing practice of personal injury and workers’ compensation litigation while offering additional services in the areas of family law, criminal law and estate planning. Today, the firm is known as Spector, Wolfe, McLaughlin, & O’Mara, LLC and together we bring over one hundred and five (105) years of experience representing political subdivisions and its tax payers, labor unions and their members in various areas of the law. The firm’s passion for labor law is rooted in not only each partner’s long-standing relationship with the labor movement but in each partner’s or a family member’s past membership in local labor organizations.

Throughout their respective careers each partner in the firm has provided representation to multi- employer, jointly trusteed labor-management employee benefit funds and labor organizations ranging from the private sector in manufacturing industry and construction craft trades to public sector government employees and political subdivisions. The firm’s practice in these area spans both Missouri and Illinois. The firm’s representation of multi-employer, jointly trusteed labor- management employee benefit funds provides legal services ranging from general counseling in all matters relating to ERISA compliance and litigation to the drafting and reviewing of plan documents to collection of employer’s delinquent contributions. SWMO further specializes in representing several area labor organizations in all areas pertaining to the Davis Bacon Act, Taft- Hartley Act, Labor-Management Relations Act (“LMRA”) and the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”). The firm’s areas of representation include general consultation, contract negotiations, mediation, litigation, grievance hearings and arbitrations. In 2010, the firm expanded its representation into the general consultation of fire protection districts in all aspects of Chapter 321 of the Missouri Revised Statutes (“Section 32 RSMo”), drafting of ordinances, resolutions, policies and procedures and personnel matters. Still further, the firm has an expansive practice area representing working families in areas of third-party litigation, including personal injury, worker’s compensation, criminal law, family law as well as estate planning.